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The Goodwater Girls website has been designed to provide a family website where we can share exciting discoveries and information about our families. It ensures easy access for everyone to see the research that is being done, to be able to provide feedback, and to allow participation by everyone at all interest levels. The TNG software and database used on this site provides the Goodwater girls a way for displaying our family lines. It also provides a backup of our family tree. Most of the family research that the Goodwater girls do is held in other locations and then shared on this site.

Our Grandmother Marcella Goodwater and Cousin Trudy Belcher a 3rd cousin to our father was the first persons to introduce us girls to genealogy. I remember all the stories they use to tell us Goodwater girls about the research Trudy had done and the places they visited looking for connections to our family past. I remember how excited they got when they would find something new and the thrill they experienced when they could tell others about it. Over the years other family members have worked on family history books as well. My sisters and I always thought they were amazing and loved to read about the different people in them, treasuring every copy that was given to us.

Our first family history book turned out to be a cookbook. We collected up all our favorite recipes we had and entered them into an online cookbook so they could be accessed them from any of our homes. Later during a trip to visit family our Grandmother Frieda Fix got out all her wonderful recipes for making her Christmas Candy, our mom had recipes too and so did one of our sisters who had recipes from our aunt. We all sat together at the kitchen table with our computers and entered every family recipe we could find. Our International Family & Friends Cookbook is shared here on the Goodwater Girls Legacy website and we invite others to contribute their recipes as well!

Then in 2014 our mother published a book for our Grandfather Harold Fix, Sunshine & Shadow: Memories From A Long Life. When I was reading the book I was constantly trying to remember who was who and needed a graphical representation to help me.  I opened an account with Ancestry.com and started entering names, dates and places from my grandfathers book. In no time at all we had a family tree online and could now see the relationships. We were soon dragging out all those old family books that had been given to us over the years and began adding more information. Later during a trip to visit family we gathered up more family history books and spent time together at our grandmothers kitchen table scanning everything we could get our hands on to add to the tree, including our grandmother Marcella Goodwater’s diaries.

The family tree was really taking shape with lots of branches so DNA testing was to be next. Our first test subjects were our grandparents because they were the oldest in the family. We then had our great aunt tested, parents and my mother in law.  When the tests came back from Ancestry.com it showed a DNA connection between our great aunt on our grandmother Young’s side and my mother-in-law, but how could that be? I started searching on Ancestry and came upon a member tree that had my grandparents in it and my husbands grandparents in it so I contacted the owner of the tree asking about the family connection. After doing some further research it was discovered that my husband shares the same 4th great grandparents Huntington/Underwood with my sisters and WOW what an amazing discovery!

We continued to make more discoveries about our family lines. My mother-in-law had always talked about her aunt being a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and descending from William Livingston who signed the Constitution and his brother Phillip Livingston who signed the Declaration of Independence. While doing the research on this line for my mother-in-law and as our tree and genealogy knowledge grew we found other Revolutionary War soldiers in our direct family lines. We now have several DAR patriots identified and are proud to say that the Goodwater girls, our grandmother, mother, my daughter and mother-in-law are all DAR members! In addition to these patriots we have also identified Civil War patriots, decendents of the Mayflower and lineage to the The King’s Daughters “Les filles du roi”.

There are so many more discoveries to share and we hope that the Goodwater Girls website can bring many more stories of our amazing heritage to life for all to enjoy.

Cynthia Bhatnagar

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